Sonal Dhiman
Staff Writer

MyUniversity, a new resolution passed by the Lorain County Community College board of trustees on April 24, empowers high school students to take college credit and earn college degrees while studying in school.

LCCC has an existing early-college program where it allows high school students to earn college credit, which can be used or transferred when they graduate from high school. This has led to 20 percent Lorain county high school students across 16 districts to graduate with college credits, a number that is increasing by the year.

As part of the second phase of the college’s “Our Promise” initiative to enable more students to graduate at a faster rate, MyUniversity will enable high schools students to earn an associate’s degree along with their high school diploma.

President Dr. Roy A. Church, said, “This community has demonstrated its support for LCCC and the University Partnership program for 50 years and most recently with the passing of Issue 2. MyUniversity is one significant way to deliver our promise to deepen the impact of the University Partnership program.”

Sunny Smith, Biology major from the BGSU-LCCC partnership, who joined as an Early College student, said, “I am glad I took classes at LCCC as a high school student, it has helped me broaden my outlook. Because of that BGSU has sought me out for a Masters in microbiology.”

Upon continuing with the MyUniversity program, students will be able to earn a bachelor’s degree as early as age 20, which will be useful in high demand careers through the UP. This results in students saving over 80 percent of the cost of a bachelor’s degree. “Dr. Church clarified, “This program removes the traditional boundaries to college access and has the potential to significantly increase the number of Lorain County students with a degree that will help them compete in the global economy.”

The bachelor’s degrees accessible to students participating in MyUniversity are – business administration, computer science and engineering, psychology, education, biology, accounting and IT – computer information systems. MyUniversity can be used in conjunction with MyPlan, which enables students to take more credit hours and graduate faster.

Lorain County schools with Avon Lake and Midview school districts are the first districts in Lorain County to take advantage of the MyUniversity program. The program is based on the success of similar programs at Titan College and Early College High School. Tracy Green, vice president of strategic and institutional development, said that the program would begin for the 2014-15 school year. “Early College admits about 100 students, but this will increase the number of high school students who attend the college,” she added.

Avon Lake superintendent Robert Scott said, “The MyUniversity program gives students the chance to earn as little as one semester of college credit al the way up to a full associate degree while working toward their high school diploma.” Midview Schools superintendent Scott Goggin said, “This program can help eliminate two years of college expense and save students up to 8o percent on the cost of a college education while providing a robust high school and college experience.”

The program continues in the lines of MyPlan and tuition lock that LCCC has made in the last few months.