Karl Schneider

Si Chuan, Dim Sum and desserts from across Chinese regions were introduced to culinary students at LCCC’s state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen.  Chefs Wai Luk and Cauh-Lam Cheung presented their culinary specialties from attendees at the demonstration from April 2-4.

The chefs represent the Chinese Cuisine Training Institute, Hong Kong’s largest culinary arts school. The presentations were open to the public but with an emphasis on students currently enrolled in LCCC’s culinary program.

During one presentation, Cheung showed students the techniques of hand pulling noodles. The crowd was amazed when he was able to create noodles from a pile of dough using only his hands.

The presentations were offered to each attendee on DVD. The demonstration kitchen has cameras set up to give the audience a close up perspective on the techniques the chefs are using.

Each session was supplemented with recipes for each dish presented including pan-fired minced pork dumplings and the hand-pulled noodles. Executive Chef Eric Petrus emceed the events. When the Chinese chefs were not busy preparing for the sessions and presenting their skills to the audience, they were treated to local restaurants featuring a more American cuisine.