Alex Delaney-Gesing
JRNM 151 student

As a result of recent budget cuts that took effect Monday March 3, certain student and part-time workers at Lorain County Community College have had their hours reduced.

Operating hours in the Enrollment Services, Financial Aid and Career Services, Bass Library, Testing and Assessment Center, Tutoring Center, as well as the Commodore Books and More have been shortened, along with the hours of the employed student workers in those areas. Decisions for these cuts come from careful study in each prospective area to determine where coverage (service) during the evenings was most needed.

 Because of a recent decline in student enrollment, LCCC’s budget and service hours have been directly impacted.

“We found we were busiest on Monday and Thursday evenings and experienced less demand on Tuesday and Wednesday, ”according to Stephanie Sutton, dean of enrollment, financial and career services / registrar,

“Looking at sister colleges of LCCC, like Cuyahoga County Community College and Columbus State Community College,” Dean Sutton said, “it was found that their implementation of reduced service hours during the evenings appeared to work well enough for the students.”

Using these examples as templates, LCCC administrators followed along the same guidelines.

“We did our homework on the issue and really put some thought and rationale behind our decision,” Sutton said.

The effect on student workers in areas such as the Enrollment, Financial Aid and Career Services consists solely of reduced hours and not wages.

“There have been no changes to the budget for student workers in my areas,” Sutton said. “Our student workers may have been impacted because we are now closed at five in the evening on Tuesday and Wednesday, but they have the opportunity to change their schedules during open hours,” she adds.

Student workers themselves have mixed reactions and opinions regarding their new hours.

“I’m sort of disappointed,” Angel Valentine, a student worker in Enrollment Services said. “It affects a lot us students because some of us have classes scheduled around jobs.”

“On the other hand, it is sort of more convenient I guess, because now I have more time to focus on my classes and school work,” Valentine said.

Although students may have their opinions on the recent change, there doesn’t appear to be anything they can do about it. “It happens,” said Gabriela Saraci, a student worker in the Tutoring Center. “I can’t do much about it, so I’ll just adjust.”

 She shared her optimistic view on the subject, “I have more spare time to work on homework now. I’m getting paid the same, just with fewer hours. Can’t really complain too much,” she said.

 In addition to student workers having hours cut, part-time workers/staff have also been affected.   “Part-time staff budgets have been reduced and we are managing the reduction with strategic scheduling based on student usage patterns,” Sutton said. “For instance, during non-registration periods, we are not near as busy with students so are able to reduce the number of part times hours we schedule,” she added.

In answer to the question of whether these cuts are permanent or temporary, Sutton responded that, “We will evaluate the service hours to make the determination if they remain permanent by working with the Student Senate, Faculty Senate and administration through Operations Council.” She added, “However, we will continue to have expanded hours during peak registration times in August and January.”

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