Zumbathon draws a crowd at the Ewing center.

Zumbathon draws a crowd at the Ewing center.

Olivia Moe

With the blare of a trumpet and a back bass, the party begins. The second annual Zumbathon, hosted by Lorain County Community College’s Heartfest took place on Feb. 22, and the lengthy line and high population on the gym floor was a visual of how much the event has grown since last year.

“It is a great turnout,” said Diana Jancura, one of the Zumbathon instructors for the event, “There is a 30 percent increase of people compared to last year.”

“Turn it up and get a little crazy,” said Lisa Augustine, another instructor as she cheered to the crowd.

The Latin and Pop based music took over the Track House on the LCCC main campus, while the hallway of the Ewing Center housed the High Jump Contest, a fast food scavenger hunt and a pedometer contest. The music didn’t just get the dancers going, songs like “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry, “Feel this Moment” by Pitbull featuring Christina Aguilera and “Bring Sally Up” by Moby brought those walking the track upstairs and even those on the rock wall to pick up the beat. It makes it very hard to stand still.

Zumba is a growing form of social exercise that not only benefits your legs and feet, but your full body. Your shoulders, hips, glutes and abs are just as much of the center of attention, and even have their own songs devoted to their needs. “It is a good way to stay in shape,” added Augustine.

The floor was busy with women and men, old and young, experienced and inexperienced and newbies and veterans to Zumba. The smiles of uncertainty vanished by the end of the first half, and were replaced with smiles of fun.

“It is my first time trying Zumba at LCCC, and my second time on the Rock Wall,” said Rachel Montgomery, a student at LCCC. “I am glad that they are doing this because it is actually fun. And it is free.”

The event is part one of two events throughout the year to promote health awareness to the public. The event was free but any donations made were all going to benefit Kristy’s Classes, in memory of Kristy O’Brien who taught yoga at LCCC. “We expect to raise 400 dollars from today to benefit the classes here on campus,” added Jancura.