Kimberly Teodecki
Staff Writer

Lorain County Community College is home to more than 40 student clubs and organizations. Each year new clubs are chartered as old clubs are rendered inactive. This year two clubs unlike any other have stepped into the spotlight. Ship O’ Fools, a recently chartered comedy club at LCCC, has started hosting events and broadening their club’s name through public support and student involvement. LCCC has been voted into the top 15 percent of military friendly schools in the nation. This number should greatly increase as the new Veterans Club continues to invite and inspire those who have served our country at LCCC.

David Ramos and Levi White are operations officers for Ship O’ Fools, and have organized open mic nights at Charleston Coffee House in Lorain every Thursday at 8 p.m. “The shows are open to the public and anyone can sign up and go up,” said Christopher Jewells, President of Ship O’ Fools, “The Thursday open mics have been going for a little while at that location, but I’ve been hosting open mics in Lorain for about 6 months.”

Andrew Rindfleisch, President of the Veterans Club at LCCC said that the club has about 70 people on its mailing list. “We are using funds to try to build a veteran’s lounge at LCCC. We got a $10k donation from First Merit Bank to help fund the building. Our end goal is about $25k so we’ve raised almost half of what we need,” said Rindfleisch. The club plans to put couches, tables, a television set, and possibly a video game system in the lounge. Rindfleisch said that they would like it to be a place where veterans can relax and talk with others who have served and build camaraderie.

Both clubs have been chartered and active at LCCC this semester, and both have great plans to continue activity in the coming years. “We were not able to have a table at this semester’s Welcome Week, so we plan to have more student involvement after next semester,” said Jewells. Rindfleisch said that the veterans club plans to hold events like the flag raising ceremony that was held on Veteran’s Day this year.