By Karl Schneider
Managing Editor


On most days you may find Ian Webb, a culinary arts student, behind the grill at Lorain County Community College’s Marketplace. Not only does Webb study and practice his culinary skills on campus, but he has dreams of achieving much more once he’s graduated.

Webb, like many creative people, has a constant barrage of ideas spilling over in his mind. He has designed plans for a food truck, “3 Cocks in a Box”, and another idea for starting a restaurant serving a variety of gourmet French toasts.

“I really enjoy local produce and cooking with the seasons. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed, even if it is a trend now,” said Webb. Cooking with local ingredients can place a real burden on chefs, as they must meticulously plan each dish around what is available near them. Unfortunately, ready-to-serve products from companies such as GFS and Sysco can really control the market, Webb argues.

Webb exercises his culinary prowess by cooking for his co-workers at the Marketplace and inventing new foods for them to try. A few of his dishes are now found on the menu at LCCC including the Green Chili burger and the Chicken philly.

Webb’s creativity doesn’t end in the heat of the kitchen. As frontman and co-songwriter of local band ‘Not Your Cinderella,” Webb extends his innovative passions into writing music. Webb was first introduced to the band after the lead guitarist had seen a video of Webb singing on YouTube. Not Your Cinderella has been spotlighted at LCCC’s Duck Radio, at the behest of Matt “Iceman Melvin. The band has two songs hitting the waves at The Duck, “Hotwire” and “Corner Baggie Blues”.

Webb’s musical endeavors began with an acoustic guitar. “I started playing the guitar when I was 12 years old and everyone told me I had a good voice when I would sing,” said Webb. Once he realized he could carry a tune vocally, he changed his focus. “I took one week of vocal lessons, but I’ve been singing for 8 years now,” said Webb.

Webb and his guitarist write the songs for Not Your Cinderella. The band has written around 20 original songs and is in the process of putting together an album through Mohawk studios. Webb describes the band as part blues, part grunge and part rock.

“We rely on emotions for our songs. Anywhere we can take a simple life event and turn it into something people can relate to,” said Webb as he described the band’s songwriting process.