By Sonal Dhiman

Staff Writer

The Multicultural club and LCCC’s International Initiatives office have collaborated to present the ‘International Mentor Program’ for international and American students to work together and benefit from each other’s experiences. This program will be introduced to the student body when campus opens for the spring semester in 2014.

The International Mentor Program facilitates easy interaction between American and international students through social media, letter writing, frequent meetings, socials and other convention platforms. The program was proposed initially by Cheryl Miltner, Administrative Assistant at the International Initiatives office and taken further by the Multicultural club and Student Life.

Elexa Carrero, President of the multicultural club, said, “The main purpose of the program is to pair American students with international students coming to LCCC on exchange programs or to pursue a regular degree. Through this pairing, we aim to foster friendships and a healthy cultural exchange.” The mentor program aims to pair students throughout semesters and help them experience life through each others’ points of view, this opens avenues for both students.

Carrero further states, “International students will come out of their comfort groups and learn the language and local culture, while American students will broaden their outlook by getting to observe a foreign culture in such close proximity. All the students who want to be involved with this program need to invest some time and effort in keeping in touch with each other and coming to the meet-ups we organize every week. We also look forward to faculty and staff involvement in the near future.”

The mentor program can be reached through their website or by contacting the International Initiatives office or the multicultural club. The orientation is tentatively scheduled for the spring welcome week and activities involve meet and greet party, regular meet ups, day trips and regular pen palling.