By Suzy Rowe


Environment Ohio, a statewide environmental advocacy agency, campaigned at Lorain County Community College last week. Students at LCCC got involved to help represent the agency at their booth set up in the College Center.

Elizabeth Oestreicher, a speech and language pathology major, helped alongside Gus Fuguitt, who is a Field Organizer from Environment Ohio.

The organization came to draw attention to a petition concerning cleaner emissions for coal power plants put in place by the EPA.

They are passionate about Ohio and believe issues addressing conservation are very important.

Oestreicher is “hoping things will change and this will bring awareness.”  The petition has been a success with 400 signatures from the LCCC campus, 2,000 from Lorain County and a total of about 10,000 from all over Ohio, according to Fuguitt. Fuguitt shares that they have had 10 volunteers from LCCC, “support has been very good here.”

Further efforts included five LCCC students making a trip to Columbus to show their support at the Capitol building. Power plant emissions are not the only issues Environment Ohio confronts. Other programs include global warming, Lake Erie, local parks and more. Information and an opportunity to donate to these causes can be found on their web page,

Members of Environment Ohio used resources like tables from Shambala Warner and Cassandra Andrusyszyn. In addition, Dr. Ruby Beil, Gus Fuguitt’s contact on campus, helped with communication and organization of the on-campus campaign.