By Karl Schneider
Managing Editor


Lorain County Community College may officially celebrate the passage of Issue 2. The votes were recounted due to a half of one percent margin during the initial count.

The issue passed by 240 votes, with 28,855 for and 28,615 against, according to the Lorain County Board of Elections. Before Nov. 26, an unofficial count came at Issue 2 passing by 72 votes. With provisional and lagging ballots counted, that number increased to 240.

As the new count is still within the one half of one percent margin it is still a very close race. Another recount process will be done on Dec. 3, but should not alter the final outcome as it is a verification process, according to LCCC president Dr. Roy Church.

Issue 2 will grant LCCC and its partnership program a projected $12 million per year. This funding translates into $66 per year for a household valued at $100,000.