By Jackie Sartschev

Holly C. Brinda, mayor of Elyria, has good intentions on making the city a better, safer place.

A few changes that Brinda would like to achieve in the community are mainly to attract a younger crowd. “We need people to want to come here to shop and eat, not just come downtown to work, therefore we have plans for new uplifts in downtown Elyria,” Brinda said in an interview with journalism students on Nov. 13 at Elyria City Hall

“We are looking into student housing downtown, we would like to provide the Lakewood feel in Elyria,” Brinda said. “We want to provide nice established bars with owners that are willing to work with the city to make it a safer, more walkable place,”

Brinda expressed that she was happy Issue 2 for Lorain County Community College passed. She believes that it positive to have educated people and wishes that the people who graduate from LCCC will stick around, find work, and raise their families in Elyria.

Brinda said, “I thought I had the skill set this city could use.” Brinda’s college degree in public administrations helped her out considering Elyria is the 14th largest city in Ohio. “My passion is my hometown,” Brinda said. Brinda’s family, including five other generations, has all grown up in Elyria.

Brinda went on to say that Elyria is home of the colored golf ball, second biggest opera house next to New York back in the day, helmets, and the rubber soles on shoes. “Elyria is the world headquarters for many corporations,” Brinda said. Those are just a few examples but it shows Elyria is a hard working, big, and populated city.

Considering Brinda is striving to attract a younger crowd to Elyria, she is starting an art district downtown. She is repurposing many old and rundown buildings to give downtown a “face lift.”

Brinda stresses to get across that she has gotten crime rates to drop by adding a narcotics drug unit and managing bars the community has been having issues with. “Elyria really does have some of the most affordable living” Brinda said.

Overall, Brinda is happy to be mayor of Elyria. Brinda said, “I’m glad I become mayor when I was older. It truly is a twenty four hour seven days a week job. I am glad I raised my children before I became mayor.” Brinda really shows that she cares about the people of Elyria. “It really has given me a different perspective on life, this job has made me more humble.”

Sartschev is a Journalism 151 student at Lorain County Community College.