Leah Hetrick

Security measures for the Lorain County Community College campus come from campus security, faculty, staff and students alike.  The LCCC campus is host to 500 security cameras, a staff of security officers and is patrolled by Elyria police officers. Campus safety depends on not only the security staff but also students and staff to report any incidents or threats that have been witnessed.

“No major crimes have been committed on campus,” said Keith Brown, director of Campus Security.  “Most of the crimes committed on campus are what are referred to as crimes of opportunity,” said Brown.  Theft is the most common crime committed on campus.  Student’s bags, phone, or other personal items are the most common items stolen.

“Students should be aware of their surroundings, know where they are and what is happening on campus,” said Brown. “Students should familiarize themselves with the building they are in and report any suspicious activity.”

Suspicious persons can include someone who seems paranoid, talks to himself or herself, or someone who was previously outgoing and now seems despondent.  Reporting suspicious activities or incident, the LCCC Security members are able to keep the campus as safe as possible.  Campus security is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

LCCC Campus security is on campus 24/7, 365 days a year. If you wish to contact security from on-campus, dial the extension 4053, or dial 1-800-995-5222, or even call directly at 440-366-4053. You can also visit them at their office located in the LCCC Library/Community Resource Center (LC 106) on the first floor by the main entrance.