By Drew Scofield

Blackstone LaunchPad, Lorain County Community College’s entrepreneurial program, will be hosting an open house for LCCC alumni.  The open house will be tonight Feb. 4 from 5-7 p.m. on the LCCC campus in the Barbara and Mike Bass Library in room 114.

Blackstone LaunchPad is expanding to colleges and universities across Northeast Ohio, having been developed at the University of Miami. Implementation of Blackstone LaunchPad will see it on campus at Baldwin-Wallace College, Case Western Reserve University, Kent State University, and here at LCCC.

The goal of Blackstone LaunchPad is to showcase entrepreneurship as a potential career path.  “Fostering a new generation of entrepreneurs is critical to America’s recovery,” said Stephen A. Scharzman, Chairman, CEO, and co-founder of The Blackstone Group.  “We are investing in Blackstone Launchpad to help young entrepreneurs harness their talents and transform creative ideas into viable companies.”

Students form across Ohio will have the chance to participate with Blackstone LaunchPad to work with the program and follow an entrepreneurial career path of their choosing.