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Students in LCCC’s Aerospace Technology class, PSSC 190, capped off their fall semester by launching the rockets they had learned to build during class. It was the first time the class was offered at LCCC. Students learned the theory of rockets and drone aircraft, then built and flew them in the lab.

Students worked in teams to build three high-powered rockets. Each team came up with its own decoration scheme, and then launched their rocket at the Cleveland Skybusters high-powered rocket flying field in Amherst.

They also build their own remote controlled quadcopter aircraft. These types of aircraft are known for their ability to fly and hover easily. They have four motors and their own digital flight control systems. With autopilots controlled from ground computers, they form the basis for one of the major modern drone aircraft types, and are frequently used for aerial photography.

Prior to flying their aircraft, students learned to fly their aircraft on a flight simulator. Once the students had constructed their aircraft, they performed preflight control tests on them. Following the tests, the students then flew their aircraft in the Ewing Field House.

Several students in the rocket portion of the course plan to compete in the NASA sponsored Midwest Regional Rocket Competition near Milwaukee, Wisconsin in April. LCCC’s Team Orbit aerospace team won the competition last year in the non-engineering school division, competing against colleges and universities from around the Midwest.

Rockets form the basis for most satellite and space research, and drone aircraft are on one of the fastest growing technologies. The market for drone aircraft in the U.S. military alone is estimated at $86.5 billion over the next five years, according to www.marketresearchmedia.com/?p=509.

For more information about the class, contact instructor Marlin Linger at mlinger@lorainccc.edu. To see videos of the rocket or quadcopter flights, visit www.youtube.com and search ‘LCCC PSSC 190.’

Rocket Launch:

Quadcopter Launch: