By Matt Pahulick
Staff Writer
Lines more manageable with more staff, new procedures

The bookstore at LCCC has cut down its long lines and wait times with new arrangements this semester and new staffing plans.

Commodore Books & More has seen lines move more quickly since they brought on more cashiers and encourage students to order online or in advance. Valerie Morris | The Collegian

By keeping staff full the bookstore crew hopes to make lines much shorter this year.

For the 2013 spring semester at LCCC, the bookstore is implementing a series of plans to shorten lines this year, one of them being specifically, “staying fully staffed” according to store manager Jaime Markovich. The bookstore has also implemented a policy of bringing back workers from last fall. The goal is to have workers with prior experience in the bookstore in order to have more experienced cashiers, making lines more productive, according to Markovich.

The changes that have been made thus far in the bookstore have had a positive effect by easing the wait times that used to be commonplace when purchasing textbooks.

Students can also order their textbooks online and pick them up at the store without having to shop.

With more staffers in the back, the search for textbooks is easier as the experienced workers can help more patrons quickly.

By streamlining the overall process, these new changes will elicit positive results.