By Karl Schneider
Managing Editor

The Lorain County Community College Foundation provides educational and community development opportunities to students and members of the community. The Foundation has recently accepted former Student Senator and Student Life employee Rachel Smirz’s proposal for a leadership conference.
The Cardinal Rule: Put Your Leadership in Action Conference will be LCCC’s first Student Leadership conference for Northern Ohio. Smirz, also a student at LCCC, had come up with the idea during a Student Senate retreat to Florida. The conference will take place April 5-6, 2013.

Smirz decided to host a leadership event, which pertains to community colleges specifically. Invites will be sent out to all of the community colleges within Ohio and all students are welcome to attend. “I hope the event will inspire leaders to step up and do something,” said Smirz. “Depending on how the first conference goes, I would like to have it as a recurring event.”

LCCC Foundation and Student Life are funding the event. The Foundation’s grant awarded to Smirz totals $3,000 and Student Life is sponsoring $7,000. Attendees will also pay an entrance fee for the conference. The proceeds will help pay for the different speakers, food and other services. Since its 1998 inception, Foundations has awarded 71 grants, totaling over 1 million dollars.

The breakout sessions for the event will encompass many integral issues regarding leadership. Speakers such as Lisa Augustine, Kionna McIntosh, Roger Campbell and Frank Kitchen will hold workshops throughout the event. Topics will include and Icebreaker session, Diversity Workshop and 30 ideas in 30 minutes.

The 30 Ideas in 30 Minutes workshop comes from the conference Smirz attended. It will come at the end of the conference and will give attendees the opportunity to provide insight into what really stuck out during the event.

Smirz said she believes about 100 people will attend the event; with hopes of attracting more as the dates gets closer. She hopes the out-of-town attendees will help out local businesses. People will be staying at local hotels and visiting local business while at the weekend event.