By Aohua ‘Summer’ Peng
JRNM 151 student

When Maria Ma, an international student, posted, “It’s the second time I lost my student ID this semester,” on her Facebook, her friends started to pay attention to their own security on campus. Ma had lost her flash drives, keys, wallet, shoulder bag, textbook and photo ID. When she lost her stuff, she went to the Library circulation desk to report and describe the items and leave her contact information. As soon as her belongings were found, the library assistant gave Ma a call. Her Facebook then proclaimed, “LCCC security is the world’s best office so far. They helped me find my flash drives, keys, wallet, shoulder bag, textbook, photo ID, and so on.”

The Lost and Found is where lost items are turned in. Campus Security keeps the items for 30 days before turning unclaimed items over to Goodwill. Summer Peng / The Collegian

“Normally, if a student has lost her things, they can come to our circulation desk to report the losses and leave information about the stuff. As soon as other students find it and return it to our desk, we can call her,” said Carol Urmanic, the library assistant. “Sometimes, if we find a textbook in the library, we may find the name on the book and go to our campus system to find out the name’s contact information and then call the student. If there is no name on it, we’ll send it to the ‘Lost and Found’ box.”

The campus security office, located in the Library/Community Resource Center in room 106, is the place for students to report the things they’ve lost. They have the campus security Lost and Found sheet, which is where the students can fill in their name, address, phone number, student number, date, item, and the description of the items.

“Finding items that students lose is complicated. Although we have cameras around the campus to give us some clues to find the stuff, there is still some angle we can’t see. We do help many students find their stuff though. For instance, ID cards, cellphones, and keys,” Chris Rodgers, one of the campus security officers, said. “We can keep the items for 30 days. After 30 days, if no students comes and gets the stuff, we’ll donate it to Goodwill.”
Many students come to the security office to report losses during each semester. With the office open 24 hours, it is more convenient for students to report and check for the stuff they have lost.

“Students can just walk in and what proof they need is dependent on the items they have lost. For items such as cellphones, they should tell us the basic information about the phone: the color, background picture, the system and the kind of cellphone,” said Chris Milbum, security officer. “Our responsibility is to help students find their lost things, but the students have to pay attention to their own security on campus.”