By Catherine Wilson
JRNM 151 student

With the semester’s end drawing near, students have the chance to relax and enjoy themselves. Jake Linden, a student at LCCC, chooses to unwind at Earth nightclub, located at 1295 Old River Road, Cleveland, during College Thursdays. “Earth is a place to go wild and act yourself because nobody judges you at College Thursdays,” Linden said.
DJ E-V performs at Earth along with numerous special guests. Machine Gun Kelly, DJ Alex Kay, Flaco Flash, Party Pana, Faybo Lefreshy and many others have made appearances at College Thursdays.
Lefreshy is a student at LCCC. His actual name is Fayaven Barbee Jr. He graduated from Elyria High School in 2012, and recently released his first CD called “Helium”.
College Thursdays has different themes every Thursday. Previous themes have included Summer Rush, Girls Night Out, Inferno, Halloween Bash, and many more. It’s a popular place to celebrate a 21st birthdays since they operate a bar. They also provide CD release parties.
The manager of Black Rose Entertainment, the group behind College Thursdays, is Kumar Arora, from Strongsville. “College Thursdays at Earth is just a fun and safe place to be on a weekday. I know college students get stressed out from all the studying, and need a night to let go,” Arora said.
Admission is $10 for 18-year-olds and $5 for ages 21 and over. The club is open from 10 p.m. – 2:30 a.m.