The group spent the semester building the robot with their own designs, and using the FabLab to manufacture parts. Photo: Joshua Hudgens | The Collegian


By Joshua Hudgens 

University Partnership of Toledo students Breanna Pyrda, Brian Runion, and Andrew Morton of the senior design class have been working hard in class inventing a wi-fi controlled ‘Hexplorer.’ “We worked together a couple semesters ago and started brainstorming this project around that time,” said Pyrda.
The group had 16 weeks to fabricate, build, and complete a robot that has never been built before. Unlike modifying a current robot, the team had to start from scratch. They had to create an Android controlled explorer capable of navigating terrain that a tradition rover would struggle with. Not having a kit to work from, they had to start with a design of their own.
Each member of the group had special tasks to work on to complete the robot. Runion was in charge of the design, fabricating the tibia, femur, and coxa himself. Pyrda inputted the design into a computer assisted design machine to start the process.
They are currently working on the application for controlling the Hexplorer wirelessly. The students utilized LCCC’s hi-tech Electronics Lab to make the robot move by placing three servo motors per leg.
The project will be showcased in the University of Toledo senior design expo at the end of the semester.

Breanna Pyrda demonstrates how the robot works. Pyrda and her group built the robot based on their own designs. Photo: Joshua Hudgens | The Collegian