By Matt Pahulick
Staff Writer

Potholes across campus are something Physical Plant has been working to keep up with. Collegian file photo.

Parking has always been a large issue at LCCC. With the partnerships constantly expanding and the influx of new students each year, the main campus is faced with issues of overloaded lots with many students struggling to find parking. With the added variable of construction taking up many spaces in the UC parking lot, finding a spot before class has never been as difficult.
Keith Brown, director of Campus Security at LCCC, said that since the beginning of August his office has not received any large amount of complaints in regards to construction affecting parking in the UC lot. “Our office has not received any complaints regarding limited parking due to construction.  In fact, many of our outlying parking lots, 4 South and 7 North, are not filled to capacity and can accommodate approximately 500 vehicles,” said Brown.

Students have adapted to changes in parking availability, such as the library lot gates or the Science Building construction. Collegian file photo.

Brown also went on to say that since the beginning of the fall semester 450 parking citations have been issued and that lots 4 South and 5 South have been expanded to accommodate more vehicles.
As for the quality of the parking lots at LCCC, the heavy traffic and annual weathering has contributed to degradation of the pavement in the various lots around campus. “Our Physical Plant Department makes every attempt to fill potholes upon receiving reports,” said Brown.

Not all students are bothered by the construction taking up space. Olivia McManamon, majoring in psychology, said the construction didn’t affect her at all. “I think they’re not as overcrowded as last semester, lot 7 is still kind of crappy but the others are OK,” said McManamon.