Parking lot flooding after remnants of hurricane ‘Sandy’ came to trick or treat LCCC campus Oct. 30 and 31. Drew Scofield / The Collegian.

Valerie Morris

The storm that swept through the area Monday left a trail of downed power lines and branches, but at Lorain County Community College it also left behind empty kitchens. After the power outage, which lasted for more than 48 hours, Campus Dining Services had to throw away much of the food on campus, and close the dining areas to clean and sanitize the coolers.

According to David Cummings, director of Auxiliary Services, around 90 percent of the food stored on campus is perishable, and had to be discarded after the power outage.

All food services were closed after power outages caused LCCC campus to close down Oct 30 and 31. Drew Scofield / The Collegian




“Chef Eric Petrus had been monitoring the coolers during the outage. Once the temperature reaches over 40 degrees, you’re in danger of the food spoiling,” said Cummings. He went on to say that food safety is the top priority for the staff at the dining locations across campus.

Though the campus opened for classes Thursday, there was an announcement on LCCC’s website informing students that none of the dining areas would be open, and they were advised to pack a lunch or make other arrangements. Cummings said he and his staff are working as fast as possible to ensure dining services are restored soon, but he couldn’t say when it would happen.

“The first thing this morning [Thursday] was clean and sanitize the coolers. And we’re working with the vendors, but we will not be up and running Friday, so students should bring a lunch,” said Cummings. He said until the coolers are cleaned and sanitized, they can’t be stocked with any food because of risk of contamination.


More flooding due to hurricane 'Sandy" across LCCC parking Lot 7. Drew Scofield / The Collegian

Students were also advised to dress in warm clothes since the campus would be chilly after being without heat for two days. Lot seven northeast of the Ewing Center was closed due to flooding. Stocker Arts Center rescheduled their Oct. 31 performances of Sleeping Beauty, and canceled a Nov. 2 performance of Dracula.

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