Matt Pahulick
Staff Writer

The Academic Support Center has supplemented their tutoring offerings with eTutoring, an online service that allows students to access additional help. The concept of eTutoring, which was originally pitched to aid students who needed an extra outlet for help with various courses, has been in operation since fall 2011 according to part time staff assistant Cori Torres.  She also said that a new link has been recently added to the LCCC website to make the registration process more accessible to students who may be interested.

“I’ve heard really good things about it, I think it can be an asset to many people,” said Torres in regards to the new eTutoring program at LCCC.

The registration process is a simple one. A student can visit LCCC’s homepage and click on ‘Tutoring Center’ in the list of resources. That leads to the Academic Support Center page, where the student can click on ‘Online Resources’ to learn more about eTutoring or to sign up. Students must complete a registration form on the website, or they can fill out a hard copy at the Academic Support Center, located on the second floor of the CC building. The form is then turned over to Tom Kelly, a staff tutor at LCCC, who will then enter the information into the system, registering the student for any services that may be available.

The tutoring center as well as the online tutoring center covers a wide range of subjects such as writing, math (pre-algebra through calculus II), and sciences such as biology, chemistry, and anatomy and physiology. One of the features of eTutoring is known as eQuestion, a process through which students are able to submit their questions, with an archive of previously posted questions and answers to provide aid with their issues.