Karl Schneider
Managing Editor

The Commodore Bookstore is celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month in style. LCCC teamed up with Mercy Regional Medical Center to raise money for the Live Pink Fund, which will help women obtain free mammograms.
Student and part-time bookstore employee, Julie Johnson, designed a pink T-shirt for the fundraising event. The shirts were then sold at the bookstore for $10, with $5 covering the cost of the shirt and the other $5 being donated to the Live Pink Fund. The bookstore reported a total of 300 shirts sold to date, totaling  $1500 donated to Live Pink.

Peggy Nesbit, general merchandise coordinator at Commodore Books & More, straightens some of the shirts on display at the entrance of the store. The shirts and the $1 donation cards help the bookstore raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Valerie Morris / The Collegian

The bookstore also sold $1 ribbons to support the fund. Customers were able to choose from ‘Proud Supporter’ or “In Honor Of’ ribbons.
“We saw something good and went with it,” said Lisa Thomas, who purchases the merchandise for the bookstore.

The bookstore sold T-shirts and ribbons at this year’s FamilyFest. “We want to be more of a community bookstore,” said Patty Clark, the manager of the store. FamilyFest attendees purchased over 330 ribbons and 50 shirts to support the cause.

To date the bookstore has raised roughly $2,700 for the fund. The ribbon and shirt sales will continue throughout October and Commodore Books will be running the promotions again in Oct. 2013.