By Matt Pahulick
Staff Writer

Women’s Link has partnered with Pathways Counseling Center to provide a satellite center in the Women’s Link office at LCCC, in CC 230. Dr. Ralph Thompson of Pathways Counseling Center said the counseling center is looking to expand its services to a broader range of areas in the county.

The idea for a satellite office at LCCC was brought forth when Tracy Maxwell, coordinator of Women’s Link, expressed the need for a psychologist in the network. She approached Thompson of Pathways Counseling Center with the idea, and they worked together on making it a reality. “I sat down with Tracy and we explored options of what we could do at LCCC together,” said Maxwell.

The Pathways satellite office holds on staff full-time psychologist Matt Lengauer and is currently in the process of adding a second, Rachel Velisheck, who will be introduced to the college campus during an activity later in October.

Availability for counseling services is still being figured out. “Our hours vary. This semester we are scheduled to be on campus on Mondays,” said Thompson.

Thompson also went on to say that not all students opted to have their counseling at the satellite location, but preferred the privacy of the downtown main office. Many have scheduled there, which is always an option.  With flexible hours on Mondays, Thompson hopes Pathways Counseling Center can be the solution to any psychological needs for students and non-students alike. The main office is located in downtown Elyria, 312 3rd Street.

For more information about Pathways Counseling Center, visit, or contact Women’s Link at