By Matt Pahulick
Staff Writer

On the evening of Oct. 4, the Stocker Arts Center was filled with the rich sounds of flutist Julietta Curenton and her musical associate Andrea McAlister on classical piano, presented by LCCC Division of Arts and Humanities.

Julietta Curenton performs Oct. 4 in the Studio Theatre. Joshua Hudgens / The Collegian

The Signature Series concert opened with Parita in A minor for Flute Solo by Johann Sebastian Bach, a four-movement piece filled with light frills on the flute and colorful keyboard notes. Currenton walked on the stage in her dark attire without a word and began to play the selection. After she finished, she addressed the crowd by saying, “Being from New York City I relish the opportunity to be among trees and grass; it really is beautiful.”

After thanking LCCC for having her, she moved swiftly on to an introduction for the second act.  The second selection was entitled “Sonata Undine” by German composer Carl Reikecke. Curenton gave a brief overview of the story of a girl who lived beneath the sea and could only gain a soul by marrying a human man, and how the music highlighted her journey. The conversation between flute and piano echoed with emotion as the crowd sat in silence and listened to the story unfold.

After a brief intermission the music was back to center stage, with a slight change to the sounds that filled the Studio Theatre previously.  Gone were the classical and romantic selections, replaced with some new contemporary sounds by Robert Dick and Lukas Foss.

The final piece ended with wild applause from the audience. Holly Ignatius, an art major at LCCC,  appreciated the musical styling of Curenton. “I thought it was beautiful and very melodic, comparatively to the John Cage concert I love this much more,” said Ignatius.