By Matt Pahulick
Staff Writer

Dr. Roy Church, president of LCCC, discussed Vision 2.0 at the President’s Forum Oct. 3 in the College Commons. He met with students to discuss six goals for the college. It marked the first time students have been involved in the discussing Vision 2.0 hosted by Student Senate.

A great turnout at the President's Forum Oct. 3 Josh Hudgens / The Collegian

Church said he was proud to see students take the time to attend the session. He explained how the ensuing meeting forum would attempt to “set the direction of the college for five years” and also joked that the students would have to “pay to play this time around,” earning their free food by engaging in small activities and voicing their opinions on how to improve the college.

Dr. Roy Church is pleased with turnout for Vision 2.0 Forum. Josh Hudgens / The Collegian

For Church’s presentation, he set out to cover six major points: to drive student competition and success, to meet industry identified talent, to foster entrepreneurship and business innovation, to accelerate commercialization to enhance regional competitiveness, to stimulate a vibrant connected community, and to expand the college’s resource capacity.

Students worked in groups at the tables, addressing the issues and goals Church had set out. Among the students at each table sat a laptop through which they would submit suggestions. Every five minutes the ideas were sent to a person called a ‘techno scribe,’ who controlled the laptop and submitted those answers to Church. After the group workshops, Church presented all the ideas to the crowd. Church coined this new type of interaction during the Vision 2.0 forum, “speed dating ideas.”

Each table had a designated laptop"techno scribe" for sharing ideas with Dr. Church who read the ideas during the forum. Josh Hudgens / The Collegian

After President Church discussed the presentation and student ideas, Student Senate Financial Secretary Lester White ended the forum by saying, “I think I speak for students and staff when I say we are proud to be part of such a great organization under Dr. Church.”