By Joshua Hudgens

Tryouts for LCCC’s Women’s Basketball Team were held Sept. 15 in the Ewing gym. Head Coach Tony Naples and Assistant Coach Paul Wasmundt led the tryouts, putting the women through drills and practices. Wasmundt said he felt optimistic about the potential players who tried out.

“The drills went very well, it was uplifting to see the precise execution,” said Wasmundt. “So far today we are looking better than last year’s tryouts due to the fact that last year we had three girls show up for tryouts. Today we have between ten and twelve.”

Jessica Vandel practices defensive drills during tryouts for the Women’s Basketball team. More than 10 women showed up at the tryouts to be one of LCCC’s Lady Commodores. Josh Hudgens/The Collegian

Wasmundt added that last year he and Naples were brought on to coach only weeks before the basketball season started. Though they led off the season with a 0-13 start, Wasmundt said they were able to finish strong.

“This team today is a fresh start with much preparation involved,” said Wasmundt.

There are two returning players from last year’s roster, Hailey Schroeder and Alexis McGhee. One of the women trying out for the Lady Commodores is the division III Player of the Year, Emily Nagy.

“Our goal is to qualify for the NJCAA tournament placing our team into a bracket of 64 teams,” said Naples. “Today’s tryouts went a whole lot better than last year. There were a larger number of ladies trying out today, around ten to twelve students and as long as each team member is eligible, we will have a deep bench.”

Though he wants the team to be strong and competitive, he also wants the women to focus on schoolwork too.

“Study is more important, and receiving an education here at LCCC gives the girls a chance to enjoy the independent division of Junior college athletics,” said Naples. “This is a bit different than high school ball because due to the independent schedule the ladies can meet new people from different states and with different social backgrounds.”

Assistant Coach Wasmundt commented on the day’s proceedings at the end of practice, saying that the plans for the future of the season are to “make the national tournament.”