By Valerie Morris

The SMART Commercialization Center for Microsystems has been under construction for a year, and piece by piece is nearing completion.

Construction the SMART Center is on schedule to be complete by late Spring 2013. Drew Scofield/The Collegian

The windows in the connecting walkway to the Entrepreneurship Innovation Center will be placed starting Sept. 24, and there are many more finishing touches to be made before the building can open in 2013. The SMART Building is a partnership between Lorain County Community College, Cleveland State University and the Wright Center for Sensor Systems Engineering to provide solutions for the packaging of commercialized sensor products.

The network the SMART building will join is connected to the Great Lakes Innovation and Development Enterprise (GLIDE) and the LCCC FabLab, among others. Industries and entrepreneurs can utilize the network to reach solutions in manufacturing, packaging and innovating.
The outside of the building will be ready for the interior wiring and furnishings by late spring 2013.

The SMART Building has up-to-date views of the building progress on their website,