By Julie Schneider

The men and women’s Cross Country teams began their season with a Commodore Invitational that included eight other schools competing alongside the LCCC team. Hannah Cook, a second year runner, competed with the LCCC women’s team along with five other women as well.

The men leave the starting line in the LCCC Commodore Invitational. More than nine other teams competed against the LCCC Men’s Cross Country Team in the invitational, held Sept. 21. Julie Schneider/The Collegian

The five other teammates include; Michelle Carandang, Lauren Lilly, Briquelle March, Bianca Patarini, and Abby Tomasic. After speaking with Cook and the other team members on the women’s team, they are proud with their success last season in New York. The team placed 3rd in that race.

This year also marks the first year where the women will be competing with a full team. To be a full team, they need to have at least five or more athletes starting the season.

The finish in New York and successful start to the season are only some of the many accomplishments the team will be reaching for during the season.

Coach Jim Powers, who coaches both the Cross Country men and women’s teams, said he is very proud of his athletes for their dedication and the motivation they have as athletes. He is impressed that many athletes are able to go to school full time and be employed simultaneously.

The men’s team finished 13th nationally last season and is looking to improve their rank and be recognized for all their hard work this upcoming season.

Second year runner PJ Foreman and his five teammates lead the men’s team. The five other teammates are Samuel Bickley, Adrien Hall, Brandon Lang, Tyler Powell, and Farid Sharifi.

They are looking forward to decreasing their time and keep a positive attitude for the upcoming season.

The men plan to become closer with one another and work hard to rank higher. Both teams are looking forward to rank higher in the region, and decrease their times to become the best team in the division.