By Valerie Morris
and Josh Hudgens

The women’s volleyball team at LCCC played Lakeland Community College Sept. 12, winning in three sets. The LCCC Commodores, led by Head Coach Marc Pogachar, had only one returning player from last year. According to Pogachar, that may present a challenge, but the team is ready to rise to it.
“Our challenge is to learn to work together, to know each other’s skills, and put that all together on the court,” said Pogachar.

The Commodores prepare to defend the net in a game against the Lakeland Community College Lakers. The Commodores won the match after scoring 25-14 in the first set, 25-20 in the second and 25-18 in the third. Josh Hudgens/The Collegian

The strategy seemed to work against the Lakers. The Commodores led in points for the entire first set. When a timeout was called, the team was up seven points, 18-11. They finished off the set 25-14. In the second set, the Lakers pushed back. They closed the Commodores’ lead to 12-11, but that was the closest they came to catching up. The Commodores won the set 25-20.

The Commodores’ goal for the third set seemed to be strong defense at the net, and it worked. They won the set 25-18, and kept the Lakers at bay, not allowing them to close the gap by more than five points.

After the game, Pogachar spoke about his future goals for the team, namely nationals. The Commodores finished fourth in the NJCAA Division III Nationals last year, and won the District 12/20 Regionals. For Pogachar and the team, nationals are definitely on the radar again this year.

“This team believes that they will win,” said Pogachar. “They play hard. Their ability and high level of play and effort will get them where they need to go.”
Aftin Torrero, player number 8, echoed his enthusiasm. “The games are preparing us to go to regionals and nationals,” said Torrero.
Katarina Kovach, who was elected team captain along with Teresa Trucco, plans for the team to have bigger victories than last year.

“The difference between this year’s team and last year’s championship team is there’s a great chemistry within this group and we feel that we all get along better than last year,” said Kovach. “We want to do better than the team did last year.”

The team made an impression on some of the audience members. Macala Reidy was impressed to see both teams display such talent at a community college level, but noted the focus and drive shown by the Commodores.

“Our team seemed readily prepared to take on their competition,” said Reidy.

The Commodores will play their next home game Sept. 26 against Owens Community College. For more information about their schedule, visit the team’s website at