By Matt Pahulick
Staff Writer

The Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) are gearing up for the annual Campbell’s soup “Let’s Can Hunger” food drive in hopes of raising hunger awareness in Lorain County.  Their goal is to collect 20,000 pounds of canned goods during the collection, Sept. 4 through Sept. 30.

For five years, the members of SIFE have helped those in need of food in coalition with Second Harvest food pantry. This year however, SIFE set the rigorous goal of gathering 20,000 pounds of canned food to donate due to a shortage of food donations at Second Harvest. Amanda Hoover, president of SIFE and a Business Marketing major, said, “We are in a partnership with Second Harvest this year to support them so those in need in Lorain County can eat.” According to Hoover, there isn’t any one person who can take responsibility for helping SIFE reach its goal; she said they needed, “Everyone. It’s a team effort.”

With such a high standard set for success it is not surprising that along the way some errors will occur. Last year’s food drive was affected by theft of canned food items from the drop locations around campus and students throwing garbage in the drop bins as if they were garbage cans. “They threw trash into our boxes like they were garbage cans, I actually think they are starting this year already too,” said Noemi Rivera, who is a member of SIFE and majoring in Psychology.

Created in 1999, the non-profit organization has made helping those in need a main goal, operating not only at the LCCC main and branch campuses but also moving its positively charged projects to the
national, and even international level. Competing at regional, national, and world cup levels, SIFE has more than 200 corporate sponsors in their effort to better the lives of those in need.

Despite Welcome Week, students around campus have been either unaware or indifferent of the food drive going on around them. Evan Mertz, a Computer Networking major, said, “I didn’t even know about it, but it sounds like a good idea.”
Another student Emily Camp, her major undecided, said that the food drive, “sounds like a great idea.”

Though the goal is much higher this year, SIFE has past experience with successful food drives to draw from. In 2010, SIFE was awarded a top 5 finalist position in the “Sam’s Club Environmental Sustainability
Challenge,” and a win last year in the Campbell’s “Let’s Can Hunger” food drive. With achievements like these under its belt, SIFE is naturally a force to be reckoned with.