By Karl Schneider
Managing Editor


Just as the Student Senate represents the student body, LCCC faculty has the Faculty Senate and its Executive Counsel (FSEC). The FSEC’s mission is to “provide quality education to students, promote values of higher education and strengthen the faculty’s commitment to their disciplines” according to their constitution and bylaws.

There are 119 tenured or tenure track faculty on campus, and all of them are part of the Faculty Senate. The Executive Counsel is a smaller group that represents the ten separate divisions on campus. President Aaron Weiss and Vice President Dr. Jeffrey Zeager head the Faculty Senate as the executive officers.

Left to right: (seated, facing camera) Mary Karleskint secretary, Jeff Zeiger vice president, and (standing) Aaron Weiss, president. Drew Scofield/The Collegian

Weiss was elected to the president office this spring after sitting on the executive counsel for three years. After encouragement from his peers and a vacancy in the president’s chair, Weiss ran for office unopposed. “I determined I had no right to talk about the issues if I’m not going to do something about it,” said Weiss.

The main purpose on the FSEC is to help faculty members work through issues and address any concerns they may have. “If a faculty member has a legitimate concern that can better the college, it needs to be entertained by the senate,” said Weiss.

Mary Karleskint has been the faculty senate’s secretary since 1998. “The faculty are wonderful to work with and they are all willing to help one another,” said Karleskint. She keeps the senate’s records under lock and key and records all the minutes of the senate’s meetings.

The faculty senate also worked with the student senate and Keith Brown to host the Open House orientation for students during the end of Welcome Week this semester. Part of the open house was a meet and greet with the professors so that students could meet potential professors and talk to them one on one. “If we’re not setting students up to be successful, we need to rework things,” said Weiss.

Weiss and the FSEC are an organizational body to help out faculty and students on campus. “While faculty should be focused on their particular niche in teaching, they should also be focused on student success,” said Weiss.