By Valerie Morris

Lorain County Community College’s fall semester enrollment was 12,640 as of press time, just 34 students higher for the 2012-13 semester than for the previous year. In 2011, 11,669 students were enrolled at LCCC, according to an Enrollment planning report. The head count numbers were taken comparing data from similar dates at intervals before the start of classes.
This is short of the enrollment record set in 2010. The number of students enrolled that year eventually rose to 13,685 according to an enrollment report from Jeffrey Lange, Senior Research Project Manager.
Enrollment for the fall 2012 semester is expected to rise as students continue to sign up for ten-week and eight-week classes.
Currently, there are 6,912 students enrolled with a full-time course load, down from last year’s 7,106.
The number of PSEO students attending increased to 1,200 this year. This represented a significant increase over last year’s enrollment, according to Lange.
There are also 66 international students registered for classes at LCCC, an increase of 16 from the enrollment total from last year.
Lange will continue to compile information about enrollment as the semester goes on and more students sign up for classes.