By Kevin Urbansky
ENGL 162

When President Obama came to LCCC April 18 it wasn’t only the Secret Service making sure everything ran smoothly. The Campus Security department and local police departments teamed up to cover a variety of aspects for Obama’s second visit. His first was in January 2010.

Keith Brown, director of Campus Security, is responsible for making sure his team is prepared during high-pressure events. Brown was notified April 12 that there was the possibility of Obama making a visit, though the official word wasn’t received until late afternoon April 13. The limited notice was important to maintaining security, making it harder for possible acts of terror against the president because there is less time to plan.

Keith Brown

Since it was Obama’s second visit, Campus Security knew what to expect, taking about 20-25 hours to prep before the event. According to Brown, Secret Service was very cooperative and understanding, working with the various security departments.

The Elyria Police Department was responsible for closing off all nearby streets, with help from other local police departments. Campus Security took responsibility for maintaining a ‘sterile’ courtyard: an area free of foot traffic. They also maintained communications in the Secret Service substation, controlled access to restricted parking lots and set up logistics for the event.