By Karl Schneider
Staff Writer

The University Partnership (UP) at LCCC is always trying to fill the gaps on the path from an associate degree to a bachelor’s degree and beyond. The 2012 fall and 2013 spring semesters will see a number of new programs offered to students to help them achieve their academic goals.
Among the growing list of program additions, two new universities are set to join the partnership. The University of Cincinnati will be offering a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Development and John Carroll University will offer a Master in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. John Carroll is currently awaiting approval with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), but UP Program Developer Patrick Keebler states this is just a formality.

The University Partnership Building, known as UC, is on the east side of campus, housing offices for the colleges LCCC is partners with, giving Lorain County students BA opportunities close to home. Mike McFarland|The Collegian

“The process can take up to six months to go through Higher Learning [HLC], but it’s mostly a formality. We should be seeing this program in the spring 2013 semester,” said Keebler.

John Carroll University is offering UP students a 15% discount on tuition rates. John Carroll University is also the only university in the nation that allows interns to get field experience in VA hospitals.

Kent State University will be offering a Bachelor of Arts in Paralegal studies becoming Kent’s second program with UP. The University of Toledo is offering three new Bachelor of Business Administration degrees: Entrepreneurship, Information Systems and Supply Chain Management. Akron University is will be offering a Bachelor of Organizational Supervision and a Master of Sports Science and Coaching.

It is expected, though not final yet, that Ohio State University of Mansfield will be offering a Master of Social Work program in the fall of 2012.

Benjamin Willets, Student Senate vice president and University Partnership representative, acts as UP and LCCC students’ voice regarding the partnership program. Willets brings concerns the students may have to the proper administrators throughout LCCC and the UP.

“The quality of their [UP students] education is contingent upon their involvement within the school. They have a better chance of getting what the need by staying active with student life,” said Willets.

UP Associate Provost, Dr. John Crooks, urges LCCC students to voice their ideas about adding new programs to the UP. “If there are any majors a student would like to see with the partnership, come up to our offices at ask,” said Crooks.  The offices are located on the first floor directly behind the staircase of the University Partnership building, room UC 104.