By Mike McFarland
Staff Writer

The Multipurpose building has been transformed into a dynamic and innovative teaching and learning environment, now called the iLoft.
The iLoft will open this coming summer semester for classes. What was once home to the college library and tutoring center is now a modern design layout used for teaching and learning spaces.
Searching the country to ensure the latest innovations in instructional spaces were utilized, no expense was spared.

A studio learning space in the new iLoft, formerly known as the Multipurpose Building. Classes are scheduled to take place in the new building during the summer semester. Mike McFarland | The Collegian

A team of designers collaborated with an array of faculty and administrators to determine how learning and teaching occurs on campus and what cornerstones were needed in terms of the space needed to best support these activities.

The layout includes classrooms, or studios, flanking both sides of the building along a flexible bar. This bar of space allows the walls dividing the rooms to be transformed, allowing the classrooms to be rearranged. Just outside these classrooms are various of open and enclosed study rooms that can either be used by students as informal study spaces or by instructors for discussion groups.

Surrounding the classrooms and study spaces is a learning commons area enriched with technology that allows students and faculty to collaborate and access web-based databases as well as all college library materials. Also occupying the building will be faculty offices and adjunct faculty workstations, Ashland University’s Teacher Education Resource Center (TERC) and a student lounge.

The iLoft creation was to stimulate interaction and collaboration between faculty and students, by extending the classroom in a high-tech yet comfortable learning environment.