By Starr D’Avril
Contributing Editor

The green recycle trash bins received their final touches during the preparations of presidential visit.  While secret service was securing the buildings and campus, the Graphics III students, Tracy Walters and Rick Matos were applying decals the class had designed.  This was the final stage of an almost two-year project of the campus “going green.”    Amid pandemonium Walters said, “Makes me wish this was our final project.  It’s been a lot of work, but it’s something to get our name out there.”

Rick Matos and Tracy Walters apply graphics to all the recycle receptacles throughout the campus. All posters were made by Graphics III students. Starr D’Avril | The Collegian

The initial idea came from Joe Perez, Erica Tygart and Elliot Chambers who designed the main character ‘Recycleman’. Walters is responsible for suggesting the use of the characters to draw attention to the green trash bins in Feb. 2012.  “Let’s do characters. Who doesn’t love characters?” she said.  As a result, Walters, Matos, Kelly Zehnder, Jarad Sobotka, Christy Schifler, Larry Docery, Amber Hanmer, Dave Brattoli, Gail Hite all contributed to the variety of graphic designs now on all the bins.  Their instructor Dennis Ryan said, “They learned team work and how to pick up a job already started and carry on until completed.”

Schifler said, “I like the fact the work has become a real-world experience; taking a concept design assignment to reality has been great.”  The goal is to see a campus-wide recycle awareness by fall 2012.

“It’s very satisfying to see the whole project come to fruition, my only hope is the powers that be don’t slow down the process and what we are setting up continues,” said Brattoli.