By Karl Schneider
Managing Editor

Interim Provost Marcia Ballinger has been unanimously named provost/vice president for Academic and Learner Services at Lorain County Community College by The Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT).

“We had an outstanding screening committee, supported by our Human Resources office, the Association of Community College Trustees, and many of you who participated in the process in other ways to bring forward the best candidates for Lorain County Community College,” said Dr. Roy Church, president of LCCC, who made the announcement on April 27.

Marcia Ballinger was officially named provost/vice president of Academic and Learner Services on April 27. Ballinger has held the office of interim provost/vice president since spring 2011. Drew Scofield | The Collegian

The search was started in early spring and had 26 candidates apply for the position. The screening committee, consisting of faculty, deans and student representatives of LCCC, selected six final candidates to be interviewed.

“The interview process was extensive,” recalled Ballinger. Three out of the six final candidates were forwarded to Dr. Church, for final evaluation.

Ballinger has been named interim provost/vice president since Dr. Karen Wells left office at the end of spring 2011.
“I was delighted to be able to continue the work I started this year and I relish the opportunity to work with the faculty and students,” Ballinger said of her new position.

Ballinger has been working on Completion by Design (CbD) an initiative “to create an alignment from the entry point into college to helping create a clear pathway towards a career.”

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sponsor the CbD initiative, which is designed to increase the completion and graduation rate for low-income students under age 26.

“A large percentage of students enroll in developmental classes and we need to accelerate this process to move them through successful completion,” said Ballinger.

Another of Ballinger’s priorities is working with the University Partnership. “We are opening a UP bridge campus in North Ridgeville that will be home to Computer Science, Forensics, Health Care simulation and other IT programs,” she said.
Ballinger started as manager of Media Relations and director of Marketing/Recruitment and Media Relations in 1991.

She worked as adjunct faculty, teaching marketing classes, from 2001–02 and then moved into vice president for Strategic and Institutional Development from 2002–11 while also serving as vice president of LCCC Foundation since 2004.

Ballinger will complete her doctorate in philosophy from Walden University shortly. Her doctoral dissertation is on Fund-raising Behaviors and Presidential Background Characteristics of Community College Presidents.

She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Business/Marketing from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She then received her Master of Business Administration from Kent State University through LCCC’s University Partnership. She has participated in a variety of projects during her time as interim Provost/Vice President.