Crystal Eynon
Staff Writer

Over 100 people gathered in LCCC’s Stocker Arts Center on the warm Sunday afternoon of April 15, for a free show put on by Director Mark Wainwright. Wainwright led the Civic Concert Band through a series of symphonies written by some of the most well-known composers.
The selection of music played was chosen by Wainwright who said that they were, “some of the greatest composers” ever known. The first selection played was Symphonic Suite, which was written by the late composer James Clifton Williams Jr. It was written as a five piece symphony back in 1957, nearly 20 years before Williams had died.

Director Mark Wainwright addresses the audience during the Civic Band’s free concert. The band is composed of members of the surrounding community. Crystal Eynon | The Collegian

The free program put on by the Civic Concert Band had started at 3 p.m. and didn’t end until after 4:30 p.m. During that time period, they played symphonies by other composers, such as Percy Grainger, Vincent Persichetti, and Clare Grundman. The audience happily applauded after each selection that the band of 47 members had played.

The Civic Union Band is an ensemble of musicians of all ages, from the community that get together periodically to put on free shows at LCCC’s Stocker Arts Center. If you had missed the following show, you will need to stay tuned for them to post new show dates on Stocker Arts Center’s web page.