By Karl Schneider
Managing Editor

Jim Gundlach, working with Joan Perch operations coordinator, has created an artistic arrangement of plastic butterflies in the southwest quadrant of LCCC to create awareness for the Healing Garden that is planned to take root soon.

Handmade butterflies and flowers adorn the area near the coming Healing Garden in the campus courtyard. Starr D’Avril | The Collegian

Perch approached Gundlach on April 14 about the concept of creating the butterfly display. In six days he finished the arrangement.
“It’s a temporary art installation that will help fund raise and promote the healing garden,” said Gundlach.

Gundlach made the 365 butterflies in LCCC’s Fab Lab. Accompanying the butterflies are 34 white flowers made from recycled x-ray packaging.

The butterflies can be purchased for $5 each or a whole strand, which holds between three to eight butterflies, for $20. The purchases will go towards the Rob Calloway memorial Healing Garden. Artist in residence, Donna Drozda, will design the garden which will occupy 33 feet squared.

The Healing Garden will be 33 feet squared and in the shape of a circle. The garden will have four paths  set out on the points of the compass. The garden will also be adorned with five sculptures.