By Matt Pahulick

It wasn’t all business as usual at the Student Senate meeting April 4. With the graduation of Lydia Lee Mosely, vice president of Student Senate, the time had come for a new vice president to take her seat. That person was Ben Willets, a student at LCCC majoring in Psychology. Willets led the meeting in President Mary Santana’s absence. Topics discussed included the new smoking rules at LCCC, future club events, and plans for the final Student Senate meeting and party.

Interesting points were discussed regarding the new and more heavily enforced smoking rule that prohibits smoking within a designated distance of certain buildings. Willets also spoke of a new program in the Bass Library called “easy bib”, allowing students to create bibliographies of any style by inputting their information into the program.

Another topic brought up at the meeting was discrimination. “Discrimination is alive and well, even here at LCCC,” said Bobby Sargent, president of the P.R.I.D.E club.

The club’s goal is to create a friendly allegiance between gay and straight communities. Sargent talked about being harassed by a fellow student who believed him not to be fit for his position as the president of P.R.I.D.E due to his sexual orientation.

Upcoming events were discussed at the meeting. Justin Yoder, spokesperson for the LCCC Role-Players Association, announced that they would host their annual flea market in the Field House.

The club will also take part in the two-day anime convention Shinboku Con, held at the Elyria Ramada Inn. The club will host a variety of events during the convention, such as information panels and anime showings alongside renowned anime voice actor Kyle Hebert.

Student Senate Event Coordinator Briana Holland revealed the final Student Senate meeting will not follow the ordinary trend of other meetings. The final meeting will be an event known as the “Spring Fling”.

Spring Fling will be an outdoor event, featuring a chance for everyone to relax with games of volleyball and corn hole, and various foods for all to enjoy. Additional Student Life events are scheduled for April 23-25.