By Jim Tomerlin
Sports Editor

Everyone at Lorain County Community College learned of the arrival of President Barack Obama on Monday.  Nobody knew Republican front-runner Mitt Romney and the Ohio GOP would make their presence known as Obama spoke on Wednesday. 

As Romney was headed to North Carolina for a speech, his campaign bus made an unexpected visit to LCCC, parking across the street from the main campus.  Members of the Ohio GOP and volunteers made calls from the bus to entice voters to vote for Romney in the upcoming general election.

A campaign bus for Mitt Romney, Republican presidential candidate, was parked in the Dunkin Donuts parking lot while the president was at LCCC. Jim Tomerlin | The Collegian

“The Romney bus is here because President Obama is here,” said Chris Maloney, spokesman for the Ohio GOP, “This is the second time he has visited LCCC in two and a half years, his forth trip in as many months this year, 20 trips to Ohio as president.”

As the president addressed the economy in his speech, the Ohio GOP felt Obama was unqualified to speak on the subject.

“The president has time and time again come to Ohio and talked about the economy,” said Maloney, “He set forth the Rubric he can be judged by the number of jobs he has created.  Since then, 50,000 Ohioans have lost their jobs and half a million Ohioans are unemployed.  That’s not a record the president can run on and the GOP will highlight.”

About 50 volunteers worked on the bus, calling on behalf of Romney to identify voters in Ohio, garnering support for Ohio republican candidates this fall and the former Massachusetts governor.

“Gov. Romney’s campaign will work with the Ohio Republican Party and the Ohio National Committee to set the record straight on the presidents failed policies, and how they affect Ohio,” said Maloney, “ The primary concern for voters here is the economy, an issue routinely addressed by Gov. Romney in a very effective manner.”