Special to The Collegian

Starting Fall Semester 2012, LCCC’s Business Division will offer an Associate’s Degree in Mobile Application Development. The program covers application development for mobile platforms such as Android devices and the iPad and iPhone, and developing web sites that are compatible with Mobile Devices.

Mobile Application Development is a rapidly growing field that provides many opportunities – both employment and entrepreneurial.  A recent Washington Post headline stated “Study concludes growth in mobile, Facebook applications has created 466,000 U.S. jobs since 2007.”

Students in the program will take a series of four courses that focus on the distinct challenges of mobile devices. The courses are: Introduction to Android Programming, Advanced Android Programming, Introduction to iPhone/iPad Programming and Mobile Web Development.

The core courses provide the students with a foundation in IT, which prepares the students to specialize in a particular area, such as Mobile Application Development, Web Development, Software Development and Networking. Students must also complete several core Computer Information Systems (CISS) courses to complete the program.

The aim of the new Mobile Application Development program is to teach students how to develop Apps for the current popular platforms and give them a solid foundation so they will be able to adapt to the rapid, inevitable changes in technology.

For more information contact Paul Norrod at 440-366-7398 or Mike Zellers at 440-366-4796.