By Jim Tomerlin
Sports Editor

As President Obama came to visit Lorain County Community College on Wednesday, businesses on Abbe Rd. across from LCCC had to contend with or adjust to street closures as the president visited the campus.

Brian Gilbert, manager of Dunkin Donuts, had no plans on closing shop.  “We planned to still open in case people wanted to walk here, “ said Gilbert.

Carol Pritt, director of the Elyria, Ohio branch of KinderCare Learning Center, had an open house planned for Wednesday, but locked down the center during the presidential visit.
“Only parents are allowed to go in, we wont have anybody going in and out of our building ” said Pritt, “Even our teachers won’t be leaving the building for lunch, we are all going to watch the children and make sure they are safe.”

Jason Szesze, owner of the Boost Mobile store, was a little less excited.  “We’ll be open, but we are pretty much going to be inside,” said Szesze.

But the slight drop in business did not deter these businesses across from LCCC.  Gilbert expressed satisfaction for President Obama’s visit.  “It’s a good thing whenever the president comes here,” said Gilbert, “It’s good for the community.”

Pritt meanwhile enjoyed sharing the experience with her students.