By Starr D’Avril
Contributing Editor

The morning of April 18 broke with clear, blue skies as the LCCC campus continued with its preparations for its second presidential visit in as many years.  The electric energy increased as the sun climbed and students, staff volunteers and guests gathered outside the main entrance to College Commons. 

Marketing and Media Broadcast Coordinator Ron Jantz, Jr.  was in charge of campus coverage for President Barrack Obama’s visit , while Digital Media Technician Rey Torres was assigned to get footage of Air Force One landing at Hopkins Airport.  The combined footage will be featured as an Eye on Campus vignette and distributed on other media.

Like The Collegian, the Digital Media Department looked to have a one-day turn around.  “Having done this before has been very helpful.   It’s a unique opportunity that has now happened twice,” said Jantz.

Student Senate Financial Secretary Kionna McIntosh was contacted by White House to act as one of the seating guides for Obama’s speech just two days prior to the event.  “I had anticipated a political drive, but was glad it wasn’t.  It says a lot about him as a person to come and talk to real people as he did.  It speaks volumes of his character.” McIntosh is running for Student Senate President for 2012-2013 and gave her beautiful winning smile as she said,  “Yes, I got to shake his hand.”

Elyria Mayor Holly Brinda listens attentively to President Obama’s speech at LCCC’s College Center. Drew Scofield | The Collegian

Other political figures including Mayor Holly Brinda of Elyria, Mayor Chase Ritenauer Lorain, and Ohio State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-56) attended the president’s speech.  Ritenauer said, “I thought he talked about a lot of important issues relating to Lorain County.  I especially liked what he said about investment.  ‘Do we take money and invest it in education, to train students for industries where they can get jobs and invest in the economy or do we throw it a way?  Do we invest in things that benefit everyone, or do we waste it?’  I think he made it clear what his direction will be.”
“It speaks to the importance of the college (LCCC) and the region,” said Brinda.  She was impressed with Obama’s sincerity in revitalizing the region’s economy.  Ramos said, “It was great to see the president take the jobs’ issue seriously, he knows investing on jobs works.”  Ramos described the visit as a wonderful experience.
Patricia Clark, manager of Commodore Books & More said, “I am just so proud to be a part of this day’s event.  I think the president has LCCC on his (radar) because of Dr. Church’s contagious enthusiasm.”

Dr. Roy Church was proud of the success of the day’s event.  “It was wonderful and the crowd was very energetic.  Obama’s message was well received,” said Church.

After the day’s activities and the cleanup was well underway, Keith Brown Director of Campus Security said, “I’m happy everything worked out, like clockwork.”