By Karl Schneider
Staff Writer

Lorain County Transit (LCT) is a valuable resource for students who attend a commuter college such as Lorain County Community College. With recent budget cuts to LCT, this means transportation has become less accessible to students who may not be able to drive to the campus.

Because of the budget cuts, LCT is left with four buses to run four routes. Route 51, which stops at LCCC, has a strict schedule from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. with pick-up and drop-offs happening every two hours. If a student has class at 11 a.m., he or she will have to be dropped off an hour early for class. If the class ends at 12:15 p.m. the student will be waiting until 2 p.m. to be picked back up.

These two-hour bus routes were once scheduled for every half-hour, giving students much more flexibility for time management through the day.

Kionna McIntosh, financial secretary for Student Senate, visited a recent county commissioner open forum to voice concerns from fellow students and senators regarding the lack of transportation to LCCC.

“It should be the commissioner’s duty to uplift the community, and public transportation is crucial to provide the betterment of individuals and the county,” said McIntosh.

For LCT to receive the proper funding, a separate transportation tax must be presented to voters. McIntosh believes creating awareness about the problem and getting the public opinion to support a new transportation bill is key to expanding the LCT service.

“Awareness, education and then action is where I would like to see this issue head,” said McIntosh.
Once the information has reached voters, they will be able to decide to support or oppose the issue.
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