By Crystal Eynon
Staff Writer

As the cast was gathered in the hallway for one of their many rehearsals for “An Enemy of the People,” they could be heard whispering lines and rehearsing, preparing vigorously for the debut of the play, which is set for April 12-14, at LCCC’s Studio Theater.“An Enemy of the People” was originally written by Henrik Ibsen, but this play is an adaptation by Arthur Miller. The director J.R. Simons had decided that this adaptation was the perfect edition for the Studio Theatre after simply reading one line: “And for once the well-to-do people won’t be the only ones paying taxes in this town.” He felt this play adequately fit with everything that was going on in the world today.

Crystal Enyon|The CollegianGeorge Stewart(as Dr. Thomas Stockmann) and Tammy Davis (as Mrs. Katerine Stockmann) practice a scene while cast looks on.

During the rehearsal, the cast followed every direction specified while giving their characters a personal twist, which only enhanced the character’s personality. Every member of the play had their lines memorized almost flawlessly and according to Simons, the rehearsals leading up to the opening night were mostly for learning where everyone should be at particular times throughout the play.

The message of “An Enemy of the People” is one that battles the beliefs of individuals and how in a society they may be forced to conform.

Ashley Reese who plays the part of Billing said she feels the message is relatable to today’s society.

Jake Kestler, the actor who plays Hovstad, an editor for the local paper, also agrees with the message to an extent. “There needs to be priorities and your family should come first. You need to protect your family and you shouldn’t put them in harm’s way even if it means putting your feelings aside,” said Kestler.