By Matt Pahulick
JRNM 151

The new club “Lorain Writers Society” was chartered at the Student Senate meeting March 14, and was the main topic of discussion.
This club’s aim is to “garner interest in creative writing and hold workshops” said Karl Schneider, staff writer for The Collegian.
He and Adam Sagert, both LCCC students, are the club’s founders. Schneider went on to say distinguished LCCC professor of Humanities Bruce Weigl agreed to stand in as the club’s advisor. After a unanimous vote to charter the club, “Lorain Writers Society” was added to the list of campus clubs.
Michelle Timko of the Marketing Department presented the opportunities students have to work with the department. Jobs are available to work  during the “Festival Outreach Season.” Students who decide to participate will represent LCCC in more than 40 events while working alongside Timko and two interns.
The last item of business to be heard was the LCCC club Los Unidos recently attended a meeting with state representatives in Washington, D.C.
While there, they discussed the parameters of deportation and immigration, hoping to adjust the focus of deportation officials from “parents of immigrants” to “immigrants who are probably doing bad things.”