By Mike McFarland
Assistant Editor
On March 21, LCCC hosted its annual Presidential Forum sponsored by the Student Senate.  The forum brought student leaders, distinguished faculty, and College Deans together for an afternoon culminated with an address and Q&A session with Dr. Roy Church on the various strategies of conflict resolution.

After the opening presentations, students were given the opportunity to ask questions to the representatives of each academic division.  Questions addressed topics such as campus renovations, transportation issues, the possibility of banning smoking on campus, and teacher evaluation forms.

“I was impressed with the forum and how they had a representative for each concern that was addressed,” said Lyle Jackson, a student at LCCC. “I always look forward to each forum. President Church takes each concern very seriously.”

Dr. Church addresses attendees at the President’s Forum Drew Scofield|The Collegian

Some of the dominant topics were the proposal of a smoking ban, which drew several comments from both perspectives of audience members, whether of not teacher evaluations should be done electronically or the old fashion paper and pen format.

Dr. Church expressed the importance of student attendance at these forums. “  This is not a wasted exercise, you are providing us with data to improve your education,” said Church.
Transportation was an important issue not just on campus but off campus as well. Student senator Kiona McIntosh stated that LCCC is working with the Lorain County Commissioners to slate a petition regarding a bill for public transportation. The transportation tax has been previously presented to voters, but it was lumped together with other taxes.

On the topic of tutoring, students expressed concerns that tutoring sessions need to be extended to accommodate difficult classes. 5,500 students have utilized tutoring services annually. Recommendations have been made to embed tutoring directly into classrooms of academic foundation courses.

Students are given two hours a week of free tutoring, broken down into thirty minute sessions. Students have questioned if this is suffice.

March 15, marked the 25th  anniversary of Dr. Roy Church’s  role as President of LCCC.

Karl Schneider contributed to this article.