By Karl Schneider
Staff Writer

Gamer’s Paradise hosted the first Gaming Appreciation day March 12 in the CC Commons. The gathering was to introduce the club members to each other and put a face to the club.
With 148 members in Gamers Paradise, events like Gaming Appreciation day can bring the whole group together. “The bulk of our members are students, but we have just opened our doors to the public and we even have some faculty members involved,“ said Stephen Sasak, secretary for the club.
LCCC President Dr. Roy Church was invited to speak on behalf of the club during the event. Misconceptions have plagued the club, and Dr. Church wanted to quiet the rumors and praise the club. “[Gamers Paradise] is one of the most successful clubs at LCCC that is able to keep the students on campus after classes,” said Church. He went on to say how he appreciates the club’s efforts in keeping the student body motivated to remain active on campus and during school events.

Gamers indulged in the latest games, discussions and praise from Dr. Roy Church during Gaming Appreciation Day. Mike McFarland|The Collegian

Ryan “Fluffy” Miller, former president of the club, is the originator and organizer of the Nerf Wars. “We would like to have a Humans vs. Zombies event here at LC, but there is a lot of paperwork to get through,” said Miller.
Gamers Paradise is hoping to host another Nerf War on campus and they also host a wide variety of games in their clubhouse. While video gaming is their primary attribute, the have options such as Yu-gi-oh card games and a couple of board games also.