By Jim Tomerlin
Sports Editor


The Commodores (17-10) will be faced the Madison College Wolfpack, (9-19) in Madison, Wis., on Feb. 29, at 7:00 p.m.   Although the Wolfpack record is abysmal, The Commodores are giving up several inches to the Wolfpack and that can spell upset.   Here are the keys to winning Wednesday night in Madison.


Control the paint:  The Commodores are at a significant height disadvantage against the Wolfpack, However The Wolfpack is not much of a rebounding team, with only three players averaging more than 6 rebounds a game.

 Consistent Shooting:  The Wolfpack offense is sub par in shooting, The Wolfpacks top 3 shooters average 45.3 percent from the field.  The Commodores need to take this advantage and seriously hinder the Wolfpack’s chances of winning.

Utilize speed:  As stated above Wolfpack is the taller team.  The Commodores, however, is the faster team.  The Commodores need to use their speed to confound their opponents, create foul shot opportunities, and score on fast break points.

Avoid Fouls:  In their final game of the regular season against Mercyherst NE, the Commodores lost complete composure, with multiple starters in foul trouble and 3 technical fouls called in one game, played a key role in the loss.  Being the Outsiders in the Region 4 tournament will not mke them anymore popular.  The Commodores need to play a largly clean game, in order to stay in Madison, for the week.

But when they do need to foul:  Do not make the mistake of fouling the Wolfpack’s star players, center, Garrett Borgrud and forward, Tyler Kowalkowski.  Both Players are shooting 75.5 and 74.3 percent from the free throw line respectively.  Send the guards Alex Cook (70.5 percent), Ryan Plaice (69 percent), and Santiago Silva (66.1 percent) to the line and make them earn it.